Hello hi, and welcome to my site. My name’s Kitty; it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you.

A bit about me:

I have a degree in Linguistics, some serious Grammar-Nazi tendencies, and a shopping habit to put Paris Hilton to shame.

More practically-speaking, I’m a UK based online English teacher and a nervous/excited soon-to-be mum. Both happened as a (very happy) surprise at the tail end of 2018; a year which forced on me a brand new perspective, and no option but to re-assess my priorities and make some well overdue changes.

I discovered, quite by accident, that I’m an extrovert trapped in an introvert’s body. I LOVE people, but I started to realise that working from home would be my best option if I wanted to preserve any hint of sanity I had remaining. So I went on the hunt, and caught on to the idea of online teaching.

And oh how it’s changed my life.

I’m not even exaggerating; I am a new woman. Earning double the amount for half the hours, I spring out of bed to make the 2 second commute to my little home office, and broadcast myself into homes (mainly) across the vast expanse of China. I genuinely love my job, mainly because it affords me the kind of life I’ve always wanted. No longer dealing with office politics, and having paid off all of my debts within the 5 months I’ve been working, my existence is just all-round more positive.

Like some kind of born-again evangelist, I feel the need to spread the word – this is AMAZING, people.

With a baby on the way, this choice seems to have been sent from the Gods of Convenience. Having spoken to mothers doing the same, this working-from-home lark can help to make life a whole lot easier, and I fully intend to make the most of it, and hopefully I can help others make the most of it along the way.

How I can Help You

This site is where I’m going to share with you the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs, and the pros and the cons of online teaching. It’s where I’ll give you the lowdown on how you can mix motherhood (or fatherhood) with making moolah from your little haven at home, and hopefully give you the tools you need to make it an enjoyable, life-affirming experience (and not the life-sucking ball-ache (I expect) you’re currently going through).

If you’re thinking of applying to Whales English, or even Cambly, I can help you to navigate the interview and on-boarding process. Browse the interviews with teachers, read my blog posts for advice on everything from background to payment methods, or even get in touch to ask questions and advice. If you use my referral link*, I will guide you through the system and give you personalised tips on how to boss that process, and grab yourself that ever-so-sexy higher rate of pay. YAS!

So, have a little click around, come say hi (iamkirstyclark@gmail.com), and if you like what you see – join me on the other sideĀ ?


*Full disclaimer: I’ll receive a few pennies in return, so it’s a win-win for both of usĀ ?